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Summer Travel Memberships in Review – Resorts 360 Vacation Club

People love to travel, and this craving has grown to be a highly profitable ground for business. Travel businesses have risen like mushrooms everywhere, and they provide not just travel memberships, but also business opportunities though networking.

One of the popular travel membership programs available on the internet today is Resorts 360 Vacation Club. It is a travel membership business founded by former pilot Roger Stutter, who is now a successful network marketer. The business itself is already linked with various establishments, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, and its main goal is to provide quality travel memberships to its participants.

The main product offered by Resorts 360 Vacation Club is a discount travel membership which allows its members to check on over 4000 resorts across 85 countries for 100,000 live weeks. These live weeks have a retail value of $1599, and if you want to avail of a week long vacation, as a member you only have to pay $399. Aside from resorts and hotels, you can also search for cruises with up to 75% discounted rates.

If you want to become a member of the Resorts 360 Vacation Club, you would have to pay $398 for the membership fee, which is good for one year. To renew your membership, you will have to pay $249 each year. If you refer someone to the business, you will then receive $200 direct commission. Your first two referrals however are under qualifying sales, thus you will receive only $100 each.

You will also be part of a “coded” organization under the company. For every sale you make, you get $50 under the coded organization. Thus you not only get $200 worth of direct commission, you also are paid an extra $50 for your sale.

If you are a person who loves to travel, then you might as well experience great benefits from Resort 360 Vacation Club because it provides you with various choices and faster processing of bookings and reservations to your chosen destinations. You can easily market the membership to your friends especially those who share your joys of going places during summer.

However, if you are not the “turista” type and would rather stay home during vacations, you might as well look for other home-based business opportunities that would match your preferences. While it is easy to market the product of Resort 360 Vacation Club, you may not be able to enjoy the membership to the fullest, and rather put your investment into waste.

There are other equally beneficial travel membership companies such as the Global Resorts Network, which not only provides you access to the most fascinating hotels, resorts and cruises across the globe, but as well as offer you a lot of income opportunities. It provides you with a perpetual leverage system, where you earn $1000 worth of commission with every sale you make. You also don’t have to prove your worth in the company-there are no qualifying sales or training sales to go through, and you get your commission with the first sale you make.

Now, if you want to know more about the benefits of Global Resorts Network, then why not check it out now.

Singles Travel – Resorts And Vacation Packages For Single People

In this article I’ve listed some companies that specialize in various types of vacation packages. You’ll find services and information for all kinds of great vacation packages for single people.

You can do a simple search at Google or any search engine to find the website of each company.

Club Med – Club Med is considered the starter of the whole all-inclusive resort concept. You can select from a wide range of vacations at the website. There are many different types of resort vacations – families, couples, singles, golf, tennis, scuba diving, and ski resorts.

CM Travel – CM Travel offers vacations packages to some very popular spots including the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Las Vegas and Mexico. Every resort you’ll find listed at the website includes a rating up to 5 stars. You’ll also be able to review the activities and amenities provided at each resorts.

Singles Travel International – Singles Travel International has all kinds of trips for singles – cruises, adventure vacations, weekend getaways and more.

At your request the company will try to match guests at no extra charge.

Meet Market Adventures – At the Meet Market Adventures website, you’ll find information and services such as free online dating, singles vacation packages, and events and activities for single people to mingle.

Some of these events and extra activities include wine tastings, sailing, hiking, and biking.

Meet Market Adventures creates a variety of means for single people to meet online or off. – There’s information on singles vacations for young and older adults. – This is a short list of singles resorts located in the Bahamas, Jamaica and a couple of other islands in the Caribbean.

Vacationer’s Quest 2: Reasons To Choose A Beach Resort And Spa

The busy lives of today’s modern families often require a few days to a few weeks break in order for them to bond and relax at the same time. It is truly a hard-earned vacation when talking about several days off and just relaxing.

Many busy people choose to go out of town or out of the country especially when they’re after warmer climates. Most of the time, the beaches in various regions are being flocked for the best summer getaway. But not every tourist is enthusiastic when it comes to going to the beach. They have this notion that it’s just sun, sand, and sea most of the time. But these days, beach resorts have so many attractions and features to offer that can entice even the most discriminating guest.

If you will search the web, you will find vacation websites offering beach resort and spa packages. If relaxing is what you want, then this option can be the perfect one for you. But, of course, you can never tell if you’ll need a little R and R at the beach with your family or friends – may it be just basking in the sun or having a relaxing walk along the shore.

Going for a beach resort and spa vacation is also a two-in-one approach. This applies mostly to families with kids. You will come across some resorts in overseas, like the Q1 Resort and Spa in the Gold Coast region, which provides a number of amenities perfect for all ages.

You can also expect the common amenities in most of these beach resorts. Accommodations may vary from one resort to another. But if you want to benefit from having your own kitchen and laundry utilities, it is best to choose an apartment or condo type.

One of the features that can be found in such resorts is a Zen garden. It is also possible to find yoga classes or Tai Chi sessions. But surely, you will find massage areas and rooms for guests, as well as other wellness services. You may check on the web if such resorts are offering room-serviced massage and spa treatments for the entire family.

So, if you are truly after a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation somewhere in the warm Pacific Coast, it is best to look for beach resorts and spas. You will never go wrong with this type of vacation, especially if you are limited to doing it only once a year.