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Spectacular Seychelles Boast World-Class Resorts and Attractions

The Seychelles is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, located near Madagascar, the Maldives and Mauritius. The nation, a republic, boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, consisting of the island of Aldabra, the world’s largest coral atoll and Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island, which has been compared to the Garden of Eden.

A haven for divers — both snorkel and SCUBA — Seychelles has six national marine parks, where coral islands are rich with more than 1,000 different species of fish. The turquoise water, clean white sand beaches and exotic plant and animal life make Seychelles a popular holiday destination for weddings and honeymoons as well as attractions for sailors and divers.

One of Seychelles’ best-known beaches is Anse Lazio on Praslin Island. Framed by huge rocks on both sides, Anse Lazio beach is shaded by picturesque coconut palms leaning out toward the gently rolling waters of Chevalier Bay.

Mahe Island is the largest of the Seychelles, and location of the capital, Victoria. The international airport as well as 90% of the population can be found on Mahe Island.

Perhaps the most renowned holiday resort in Seychelles is the Banyan Tree, a family of romantic luxury resorts with locations also in the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and China, although each location is uniquely fitted to its culture and geography. Other highly recommended resorts are operated by Constance (Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island), Le Méridien, and Taj. In addition, you will soon see them joined by Four Seasons, Southern Sun, the Crown and Champa Group, Universal Enterprises and Per Aquum.

The Banyan Tree, on Mahe Island, covers about 117 hectares of dramatic coastline and its 800 meters of beach frontage overlooks what has been called one of the world’s ten most beautiful beaches.

Popular land-based activities include hiking along well-marked nature trails followed by pampering tired muscles in luxurious spas at five-star resorts. The Lémuria Resort on Praslin sports a championship 18-hole golf course recognized by the PGA, providing challenges for amateur and professional golfers.

Remarkable animals formerly found but now nearly extinct on these holiday islands include the giant tortoise and saltwater crocodile (caiman). Birders will be happy to see a Seychelles Flycatcher, Kestrel, Blue pigeon, Sunbird, Swiftlet, White Eye or Scops Owl. Seychelles are popular with fisherman, eager to catch such magnificent trophies as sailfish and marlin. Seychelles waters are also rich with shark, giant barracuda, rainbow runners and wahoos.

All residents of the Seychelles are immigrants, with the largest ethnic groups composed of French, Africans, Indians and Chinese. The two official languages are French and English.

The islands were probably first discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century. They were colonized by France in 1756, who named the archipelago after a government official, Jean Moreau de Sechelles. The Seychelles were ceded by Britain in 1814 and became an independent republic and member of the British Commonwealth in 1976.

Flying time to the Seychelles from the USA is about 30 hours, making it more popular with Europeans than North Americans. But its world-class scenery, diving sites, as well as its luxurious holiday resorts and cuisine, not to mention the friendly locals, make the Seychelles Islands well worth considering as a holiday destination for anyone who does not have to worry about budgets.

Resort and Spa – The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Today, a lot of people want a getaway wherein they could free themselves from their strenuous office jobs, manipulative bosses or from the busy streets in the city. They wanted to be in a place wherein the only thing that they would hear is the serene sound coming from the beach or probably from a man-made lagoon. If so, you should probably make a reservation in this very beautiful place in Phuket, Thailand, the Resort and Spa. Resorts and Spa at luxury vacation spot is a tranquil and private boutique resort which is actually located on a long stretch pristine beach which is actually reachable within 15 minutes north of the Phuket International Airport.

Having a luxury vacation in this private resort is priceless. Resort and Spa is a perfect romantic getaway for honeymoon, weddings or just a place to take some off from the busy lifestyle in the city. It is probably the most perfect place when you want to have a relaxing moment with your friends, family and loved ones. Many guests have said that they are enjoying a guilt-free luxury in the place since it includes the services of private pools, yoga sessions, spa treatments and all the other things that are said to relax the mind, body and soul. When you want to pamper yourself in a natural setting wherein you can inhale fresh air or probably let the sea breeze relax you then leave it to their spa attendants. The hands of their trained healers will definitely take the stress away.

The Aleenta is a healthy food haven. The different guests of the facility can enjoy professional services from their staff. They offer an exceptional fine dining experiencing which can be enjoyed in their Chef’s Table. You can experience good food fresh the grill. In addition, they center on a natural detox program wherein they serve their guests with guaranteed healthy dishes like healing herbs, exotic spices, wholesome food and refreshing elixirs. The main goal of their trained chefs is to give their guests a culinary adventure.

Also, it offer other activities aside from the traditional way of giving comfort. They have cooking classes by the beach, Taichi, Yoga, Boating, Cycling as well as Meditation. There are actually a lot of interesting activities that you and your family can do in the resort.

Although they focus on the day tour services, they also manage private luxury Phuket Villas. Their villas have two and three bedrooms each equipped with private pools, kitchen, and full sea views as well as managed by their well-trained staff. In their Villas, the stylish designs are focused in Asian Architecture. They also boast their private pools in every room. The pool is made exclusively and extraordinarily to promote attraction. It is made of safe materials that even critical children would appreciate. Overall, it is the place for pure escapism and precious indulgence.

Even though Phuket, Thailand was hit by a very destructive tsunami in the previous years, they had managed to keep their tourism alive. They have made beautiful resorts, spas and villas that have remained to be their greatest attractions. The total destruction never stopped them from bringing out the beauty of their island and has still made it world-class. Even if they were once erased in the world map, they are always making a come back by making Thailand the place to be and one of which is the Aleenta Resort and Spa.

Resorts and Spas The Importance of Giving Yourself a Well Deserved Break

Too much stress can cause havoc on your physical and mental health. If you have been leading a very stressful life in the past several months, it is the right time for you to give yourself a well-deserved break.

There are many resorts and spas all over the country that can help you relax, unwind and recharge your energies. Most of these resorts and spas offer vacation packages that are designed to suit the needs of different types of people so you do not have to worry about finding something that suits you well.

Choosing The Right Vacation Packages. Since different resorts and spas may offer different types of vacation packages, it is important that you study these vacation packages well before you decide which one is right for you. When studying the vacation packages of different resorts and spas, you need to take into considerations your preferences and your budget. Do not just buy a vacation package on a whim.

Evaluate each vacation package well to avoid regrets in the future. Always remember that you only go on vacation occasionally so do not waste your precious time and money on things which you are not really sure you will enjoy doing.

Once you have chosen your vacation package, take your time in packing your things before heading to the resorts and spas of your choice. Buy all the things that you need for your vacation beforehand so that you will not need to go out shopping for essentials when you get to the resorts and spas.

Note that most stores and boutiques that are located near resorts and spas sell their products at high prices and they may not have everything that you need. It would be best for you to bring all your supplies during your vacation and save yourself from the stress of trying to find your belongings.